A0 large format paper folding machines features and prices

Here you will find all information to make the correct folding solution for your needs and get the best condition and quality

Why I need a paper fold machine?

Folding machines for folding plans and documents A0 save a lot of time. Even with the simplest mechanical fold machine you can fold 2 or 3 times faster than you will fold manually. In addition to speed and ease of use, a fold machine also offers consistent quality.
The choice of a specific large format paper folding machine model is not difficult to determine on its own. Do you only have a few designs to fold per day? So a mechanical paper folding machine is often chosen, but if you want to have a choice in the output size or folding length over 2.5 meters?

Do you sometimes have to fold into different input sizes? Or does the folding have to be connected to a large format printer or plotter? So sometimes the choice becomes more difficult.

With the help of these website pages you can find all A0 large format paper folding machines with their features and prices.

You can of course contact us to advise you without obligation and / or to request a quote.

Paper  folding machine is suitable for:

Folding A0 building plans, line drawings, pattern drawings and other large format prints.

The fold machine is also suitable for smaller format prints, such as A1 A2 size construction plans, line drawings and A3 electric drawings  and A4 pages as project index or summary.

A0 paper folder machines features and prices

Paper folding machine installation and use:

The manual folder is easy to install by connecting some parts. Due to the weight, it is better to lift the machine with 2 people. The electric fold machines most of the times are coming with several part to install as table, feet, casters and so on normally is required a service engineer for the installation.

Our paper folding machine instead have been designed to overtake these problems and they comes in the packaging completely assembled, is not required any more someone to read installation documentation to provide the mechanical installation.

As for the information provided on the correct use of the machine, those provided by the dealer are often generic, while those of the video tutorials and quick guides provided by us are very detailed and punctual, moreover they offer the great advantage of being always available and with  one click, the QR framed in the moment of need without having to make phone calls or emails.

What a type of paper fold machine

Choosing the right paper fold machine depends on several factors.
If you fold more than 10 designs per day, an electric folder would be a good investment. If you fold fewer than 10 designs per day, a manual folding machinemight be a better choice.
In addition to the number of building floors to be folded, the type of paper, the size of the paper to be folded, the space available and the noise level are factors that must be included in your choice. For example, an electric folding machine is quieter than a manual one, but it typically also takes more maintencance and care.

Our paper folding machines also in this field are better designed since the engineers concetrated all machine eletronics parts in one box, enabling in case, the user to simply replace it without any effort. 

Manual paper folding machine

The manual machine is easy to use. Place the design on top of the bracket, block the leading edge of the sheet. and moving the lever back and forth a few times, the design will be folded. After folding, simply slide the design out of the machine.

• Faster than folding by hand
• Makes more noise than an electric folding machine
• Compact enough
• Easy to use
• Consistent folding quality
• it folds document wider of A0+ 920 as B0  1100mm
• Suitable for multiple types of paper

Electric paper folding machine

• Quieter than a manual folding machine.
• Folds automatically, the length fold is automatic folded as well the width

Only the PFM 425 can do this, usually the documens is introduced into the machine twice for  the 1st fold process 210mm and a second time to get the 2nd fold process t 297mm.

• Can fold document longer of 2,5 meters

• Can reduce the lenght and the width of the document with eletrical movement, the manual folding mahine requires second fold processed handled by hand.

• The fold package output  dimension can be modified easily, this is  non possible with a manual folding machine.

• Consistent folding quality when paper thickness change.

• Suitable for stand alone or combined  with integrated paper trimmer to shotcut time to trim white border before the folding process,

the folding solution PFM 210 and PFM 220 are unique,  designed to have native or as  optional the ergonomic paper cutter  on top helping to avoid waste  precious space and money for a stand alone trimmer.