Blueprint folding machine

PFM 425 is an folding machine designed to fold with one sigle insertion blueprint large format documents.

Folding machine concept:  a large table that allows a constant flow of high-speed folding operation, fold precision, 3 different fold pattern with or without margin, last panel compensated .

Usually off line blueprint machines requier to feed document twice to get the 1st fold process and then is required to feed it again to get the second fold process and reduce the blueprint document width, this allow to get directly A4 fold package in shorter time.

The blueprint folding machine  is extremely fast 25 meter per minute designed for reproshop and print rooms with high print output by diffrent printers.

Maximum productivity, thanks to the large table designed to enable an uninterrupted workflow at 20 A0 / E-size / minute

Professional folding machine for small and large format documents in black and white and color.

  • Wide choice of folding patterns, styles and customizable programs according to the needs thanks to the touch screen control panel
  • Ability to fold a wide range of prints (graphics and CAD)
  • Unlimited fan Fold operation
  • Automatic Cross fold up to 3 panels and thickness of up to 8 1st folded panels double A0 length.
  • Quiet operation 79dBa and reliable components

Touch Screen

  • Easy job set-up
  • Full Customization of folding styles
  • Folding quality adjustment according to media type
  • Video tutorials for installation and service procedures application