Manual map folding machine

Manual with hand movement folding machine for documents wide up to 108cm, no problem to fold wide format As B0 wide as blueprint and ammonia copies out of the standard roll 915mm or 36 inches

The manual map folding machine is able to fold document length into panels wide 210 mm, very easy operation, robust metal construction. 

The manual machine is easy to use. Place the design on top of the bracket, block the leading edge of the sheet. and moving the lever back and forth a few times, the design will be folded. After folding, simply slide the design out of the machine.

If you fold more than 5 drawings per day, an electric folding machine would be a good investment,  less than 5 drawings per day, a manual folding machine may be a better choice.
In addition to the number of building plans that you fold, the type of paper, the size of the paper to be folded, the available space and the noise level are factors that you must include in your choice.

Manual Folding Machine: Main Features

  • Manual hand folding machine for wide format documents as 108cm and B0 
  • Good  level of folding precision with paper 75 gsm
  • No eletronics and part under wear long life operation
  • 90 days of free upgrade to electric paper folding machine  and 30 days money back guarantee

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Self installation 

The manual map  folding machine is a mechanical system enabling the user, with a hand movement, to reduce document length to several panels of 21 cm width without the possibility to change it, second fold process 297mm must be perfomed by hand.