Electric A0 folding machine

PFM 205   is designed to fold wide format documents wide up to  915mm  and long up to 3,5 meters.

This electric A0 folding machine is the smallest,  economic and electric folding solution in the market.
With a small budget and a minimal floor space occupation, it’s possible to handle folding operations in-house and be able to face picks of work without allocating extra time to fold documents by hand.

An electric folding machine is an ideal solution for the handling of the workflow of the technical departments producing daily technical and architectural documents .

Functional and easy to be used, this unique folding machine allows folding wide format documents easily and precisely.

A plug&play product with built-in Bluetooth connection is providing easy fold parameters with your mobile device. The user instructions and the video tutorial provide easy acquire the operator’s skills.

  • Professional electric folding machine for wide format documents 
  • High level of folding precision
  • Quiet operation , designed to work in the office environment

Automatic paper folder machine: main features

Maximum productivity, thanks to Bluetooth control with your mobile device you can chnage fold panel dimension from the standard 210mm down to 170mmor up to 220mm by 1 mm of increment.

Professional folding machine for small and large format documents in black and white and color.

Wide choice of folding patterns, styles and customizable programs according to the needs graphics and CAD

First fold operation document length up to 3.5meters

Operation Quiet and reliable ideal for office enviroment.

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Electric A0 folding machine

Top plot  feeding area


Optional  stand with casters


Knob for easy paper removal

Máquina plegable PFM 205 solución ideal para oficinas pequeñas

easy access for paper removal


front and rear copy basket

Electrical folding machine for A0 sizes

Bluetooth remote from mobile

An Electrical a0 folding machine

Select and edit fold parameters easily

A3 paper folding machine

High quality mechanism